Monday, June 30, 2014

Winter Bike

As you know, and may have even noticed, the days are getting shorter.  So of course I've been thinking about getting the winter bike situation situated.

Last winter I had the 2" wide studded Marathons on my mountain bike, but that didn't work out too well.  The tires just skittered over the ice and packed snow - I think because the bike has a long reach for my 5'8" tallness and I sit back a ways, so there's just no weight up front, even with a front shock. Still thinking of selling it - Debbie said maybe next year at the bike swap.

Options - I think the tires will fit on my 17" Marin Muirwoods, but that bike is loaned out.  I could get it back for winter, but it's just a smidgeon too small even with the seat post extended past it's limit, and it bugs me.  I sold the 19" Muirwoods that I got for a screaming deal at an REI garage sale to a buddy,  so that bike is out of the equation. Maybe put the studs on the Fargo, but I like to ride it too much and don't want to limit it. Could put some 32mm Marathons I have on the Vaya, but I hate to ride around on studs all winter when the streets are usually dry and clear for much of the winter.

So thinking of a cheap used hybrid/mountain bike that'll take 2" wide tires. Scanning craigslist. Keeping an eye on the price at REI for the Muirwoods. Don't really need another bike cuz I'm trying to thin the herd.

Such a tough problem to have.  At least I've got a while to figure it out.

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