Wednesday, June 24, 2020

out and about in wileydogland

no ride on mission and  deno is complete without getting chased by a dog. this pic was taken after i was safely far enough away. this dog was a sneaky one - as i came around a corner that merged with his driveway, he came silently running at an angle from behind. no bark ninja dog.  

i couldn’t lift this tree. anybody have a chainsaw i can borrow?

somebody did a good job of improving the merge of the upper trail with the merkel trail

multicare rockwood moved my dr’s office from the main clinic near downtown to up yonder on the south hill moran prairie area. i took southeast blvd cause i’m out of shape and didn’t think it’s as steep as some of the other routes. i barely made it.  at least i got pizza at the perry street market on my way home (see below).

i got some of those funky surly bars from velofix grafton’s garage sale and put em on my muirwoods. the bike actually fits me now. i have some orange pedals on it now and thinking orange cables will look good on it when i convert it to 2 or 1 x10 or single speed. maybe orange tires might be too much?

i moved some logs and rocks out of the way last year that were blocking the trail and next time rode by there was a bigger log blocking the trail. maybe some homeowner thought it was ok for them to block a trail on state park land that runs in front of the houses to the right. i was ready to go buy a little electric chainsaw but when i came out again in early spring i found mother nature or somebody already took care of it for me. 

thanks, mother nature! or folks!

rats one of my favorite routes is blocked. euclid road. some guys have still crossed on the bridge here but it looked a little too rickety for me. 

more biking on the riverside state park land between aubrey wright parkway and joe albi/dwight merkel/ housing development off 7-mile. i’m really growing more appreciative of these nearby trails. 

the well deserved pizza after biking up to moran prairie 

this year’s bikepacking get up. might get out in september or october. 

more hauling stuff

not my favorite way to lock up bit i desperately needed new guitar strings