Saturday, October 24, 2020

Odds and Ends, Odds and Ends

 ~ lost time is not found again. 

i’ve been working from home since late march and haven’t been getting a whole lot of riding in. i’m about ready to volunteer to head back to the office a few days a week just so i can get more bike mileage in, loosen up those jeans. here’s some pics from when i did get out  

the plan is to turn my marin muirwoods into a 1x10. or maybe
3 speed. first order of business, get some leverage to get the 
bottom bracket out.
a trip to warrior liquor

wasn’t sure what the occasion was here at first, but it was me
saying i’m out of shape and not gonna make it up post street
hill in the heat 
we biked up to best buy to pick up an order, stopped at target
and petsmart, bought more than i planned on, then picked up
some lasagna too
a trip to the post office
another trip to the post office, for a money order. 
sent my concertina in for tuning and my concertina guy said 
send a check to pay for shipping back and i said....a check? i
don’t think we have any.
dash didn’t want a ride home in the jump bike
converting fargo rival to tubeless. the worst ever tire/rim 
combo to separate.  so glad i never had a flat
scout loved riding in the basket. heading up monroe with
the pedal assist set to 11
virtual bloomsday 2020 with dash and debbie. which reminds
me - why can’t there be a sidewalk/bike path on the 
other side of Fort Named After Guy Famous for Hanging 
Indians and Killing Hundreds of Horses Blvd
scout, a few weeks before he passed away. it’s been tough.
he couldn’t walk far so i biked him around in the
radwagon basket to his favorite places. 
fillerup! gas can needed filling
summertime house hunting in west central

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