Sunday, February 24, 2013

Biking in February - (1 update)

A few pics from Feb - Sun, Snow, Ice
2/25/13 - added a pic from today's ride. Another light snowfall that was gone by noon. You can barely see a high schooler on the left side of the pic riding to school :

Sunday, February 17, 2013

the Salsa Vaya at work. and play.

even has its own cubicle

perhaps about to trespass...don't see any no trespassing signs, though. yet.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sunday - Palisades, Greenwood to Houston Rd to Centennial Trail

Just in case I actually do the Gran Fondo Ephrata this year, I thought I should start getting some longer rides in.  I'm hoping some 20+ mile rides will translate into an 80 mile gravel/road Fondo ride in less than 10 hours.

With that in mind, I took the Vaya 2 out on a test run Sunday.  Mid-30's temp almost felt balmy after our January temps in the teens and 20's.  I can't believe we never had a good ol' January thaw this year.

Like usual, I had no real plan and headed to Downriver and then across TJ Meenach bridge.  Checked out the River trail but it's covered in snow and needs some thawing and drying out. Headed out Gov't Way then up Greenwood past Indian Canyon to Palisades Park.  I believe I got to try out the low 36 gear on the Vaya heading up Greenwood.

the view from Palisades Park.
Took Greenwood to Grove and turned around before Highway 2.  Thought about taking Basalt, but kept going and missed a turn so ended up taking Grove the length of Palisades Park all the way to Houston. I think the below pictures are all Houston. Or Grove.

Parts of Houston were still covered in snow and ice, other parts fairly smooth gravel. Mostly downhill.  I wasn't real familiar with Houston and wasn't sure where it was going - was surprised when I finally came off it and I was at the entrance to the Military Cemetery off Gov't way. Didn't realize I was so far west. Hooked up with the Centennial Trail and headed home.  I think this is going to be a nice ride, only next time I'll reverse it so I get the chance to ride up Houston. Gotta build some leg muscles, this slow winter commuting has made me a little flabby.

The Vaya handled great. Wileydog is still happy with it.

Yes I admit its super

it was super to ride to work today and Monday on a dry street, free of ice or snow, on stud-free tires. wasn't so super to ride in all the mud and debris closer to the curb. but it's getting better and was super great to fly down the hill and spin around the corners and make it to work on time instead of a few minutes late.

(there was a teacher/coach at high school many years ago who's favorite word was super. wasn't one of my favorite teachs back then, but for some reason i'm channeling him today. amazing what things stick with you.)

rode home up Post Street for the second time in a row. a 36 low gear in back is also super, didn't have to resort to it but it's nice to have some extra gears. love the Vaya.