Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fatting around Riverside

Took the Pugsley N/R down the Merkel Trail to Riverside State Park on Sunday. Haven't been out on it for awhile, but immediately remembered why it's the perfect machine for Merkel and Riverside.  The fat tires keep the bike on the trail in the loose stuff, and roll easily over the jagged edges and lumpy, bumpy rocks and stones.

some pics, starting off with a shadow selfie:

okay, have to walk this section

I took a meandering route from the Bowl and Pitcher -  Trail 25 to 7-Mile then a trail going west, eventually turning back towards and crossing 7- Mile Rd, to Deep Creek parking area, down State Park Drive then back across 7-Mile Rd to a Trail that leads back up to Inland Rd.  I think it's one of those Trail 25-but-not-Trail 25 trails.  I'm going into some detail so I can remember, because this time, before I reached Inland Rd, I saw a trail off to the left I hadn't seen before, heading down the ridge.  A new to me trail. Looked promising so I took it.

It petered out in spots, and I almost lost it under the pine needles.  A fun ride down.  Crossed 7-Mile Rd yet once again and rode the real Trail 25 back to the Wilber Rd trailhead, then to the Bowl and Pitcher.

Coming back from the B&P campground area, I can never decide if it's easier and/or quicker home to ride up to Merkel, or to ride Aubrey White to Downriver golf course.  Sometimes I haul the bike up a the side of the hill on a trail near the water treatment plant up to NW Blvd. I opted to do that, and found yet another new to me trail that was less steep than my normal one.  Ended up not being quicker as I came across a herd of deer that I waited for, not wanting to spook them.

might be able to make out a deer in the middle of the pic,
cautiously eyeing me.
Finally made it back home after waiting them out.

<insert abrupt ending here>. it's late.

Monday, November 10, 2014

new pedals for me Vaya

finally ditched the $25 Redline pedals I've had on my Vaya since I got it.  they were cheap and got the job done, but were getting slippery.  With the rain in the forecast and winter coming on, figured it was time.

Replaced them with the VP Components VP-001, same ones I have on the Fargo. VP calls them an Urban Flat Pedal so they may not be intended for heavy duty trail riding.  But I've been happy riding the Fargo with them on trails, pavement and gravel wearing Five Tens. They're light, thin and grippy with adjustable pins. Available in black, silver, gold, red, green, blue, magenta, pink or turquoise, I went with basic blue.  Getting a little too matchy-matchy with the blue-themed Vaya, think I will pick up another color for my Marin Muirwoods which I have back in the rotation for winter.

VP says they are 345 grams - I don't know how that compares to other pedals - and 109 x 97 x 16mm. Towards the ends they measure around 14mm.

I feel more secure now with these on the Vaya, and my feet aren't accidentally slipping off the pedals anymore.

Gratuitous pic of our dogs in the wild: