Wednesday, June 18, 2014


It's that warm weather time of year again (disregarding the last couple days of fun, never-ending rain) and I am tempted to ride with just a cap to protect my head from the sun's rays. Leave the helmet at home.  It's hot and cumbersome.  Sweaty, messes up my carefully combed coiffure.

The Shallow Cogitations blogger did some investigative work and found the Spokane Police are issuing fewer no-helmet citations this year than in the past.  When I weigh the pros and cons of riding without a helmet, this helps allay the fear of getting a ticket.

thanks Hank!

A few things keep me riding with the plastic and styrofoam lid in the heat:

1. I can ride some quiet, low traffic streets to work, but I know I'm still likely to make a rider error and crash all by myself.  Slipped on some ice last winter on the Centennial Trail and hit my noggin on the pavement. Was glad I had my helmet on.

2. Although the police are handing out less citations, I regularly see the Bike Patrol downtown.  Chances are good for a ticket.  Hardly saw them at all last year, but saw them frequently 2 years ago.  I think they changed their route to cover a wider area last year, now it looks like they're back to more frequent rides through the downtown core.  (Couple years ago I was stopped at a light and they were talking to a young guy without a helmet nearby.  They pointed over at me as an example of how to ride. I felt totally uncool.)

3. Whenever I mention riding without a helmet, my wife gives me the look.

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