Monday, May 28, 2018

Carrying on about the little things

well hey I don’t have much to say

but I've got some pics of some small carries.

(In other news I figured out how to get around the no-scrolling on iPad on Blogger by hitting return, and was able to get all pics off my phone or iPad instead of opening up my ancient laptop and waiting days for it to download 2,000 pics from my phone. Except I have to ignore the jumping around after every keystroke whilst typing. Maybe now I’ll blog more.     Ha!)

Not carrying much in this pic, but it shows the WolfTooth B-RAD Half Bottle Adapter (bought and paid for by me) in action at NorthTown Mall. Just barely clears my right foot and allows use of a larger bottle with a frame bag. I got a Ride More Drive less sticker from Hottman Law Office - The Cyclist Lawyer and it is partially covering up some wear and tear due to carelessness on my Vaya.

every once in awhile I break down and get something tasty like a huge cinnamon roll from Rocket  Bakery. You should try their Pecan Roll!

Airing out my t-shirt after a workout at Lilac City Fit Body Bootcamp!

 Also, my bike ride home from workout goes near the Viking. Pretty convenient.

Hot pizza! Accidentally ordered extra slices at Veraci Pizza on the way home

Hot breakfast burrito! from My Fresh Basket on my way to work. Good but too much potato. Do potatoes belong in breakfast burritos?

Cool find at Judy’s Enchanted Garden. This was destined for the Mothers Day Baskets at work 
each team makes and auctions off to benefit the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery. A few people unhappy with me outbidding them, but hey I used to watch Storage Wars (Yuuuup!) and it’s for a good cause. (I give up blogger you win)

The view from the handlebars

Discovered the Trekz Titanium wireless bone conduction earphones fit with my helmet on. 
woo hoo!

Checking out the new pavement on the Monroe Street hill whilst carrying Skippers takeout

I moved the Blackburn Local rack from the front to rear, and accidentally ordered an inexpensive
pizza rack from State Street Cycle that should be great for the front. I had cut down the rack struts and they’re were too short for the rear, but luckily had some extra Salsa struts that fit.

Oh I got carried away with the carrying and must have been a sight to see

Another smug yes I can carry that home on my bike pic. 

At the aforementioned Skippers, and more fresh pavement on the somewhat controversial Monroe Street makeover.

That’s all for now!