Friday, October 21, 2011

Turkeys in the Straw

There's been a few rival gangs of turkeys along Summit Blvd on the bike ride home and I finally stopped and took some pictures this week. They look harmless but I'm sure you don't want to mess with them.

 And on Pettit Dr. This one was a little skinny so I let it go. Besides, I didn't have my turkey wrangling gear with me.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm a dork!

I found the Bicycling section at Auntie's Bookstore at Riverpark Square - it's in the back with the Outdoor books and not in the Sports section near the front where I first looked and wondered "what no bicycle books??".
Anyway, I flipped through the "Big Gigantic Real Big Book of Cycling" by Bicycling Magazine and read this: "Only dorks wear Lycra or khakis on cross town trips. You gotta get some knickers." I hardly ever wear Lycra around town, but I do ride to work in khakis with a rubber band around the right leg cuff (much to my wife's dismay - she calls me Urkel 'cause of the high pants). I like riding to work in my work pants because it saves some time changing at work.
I usually change into baggy bike shorts for the ride home, but with the weather turning cooler I've been riding home in my pants, too. But that has been a mistake this week as we're having some beautiful warm afternoon weather here in Spokaloo and I've been sorry I haven't packed my shorts.
I do have some knickers so I guess I better start wearing them. Maybe I'll look like one of the cool kids for once. At least for the ride home.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Get yourself some cheap plastic fenders...oh yeah!

SKS Beavertail fenders. $16. OK they may not provide complete coverage but I think they'll do. Looks like I'll find out for sure this week, rain in the forecast.

The first pair of fenders I bought, Planet Bike universal fit ones that you sort of zip tie to your fork and frame, didn't fit my Marin 29'er urban/commuter style bike. Or any other of our bikes.

Then I picked up another pair at a certain late night sale at a local bike shop. The bike guy assured me they would fit one of my 'cross bikes that has 32mm wide tires. Well they did, after a fashion, and after some fiddling with them. They turned out to be a little narrow, though, and the bolts holding the stays rubbed against the tires until I got them adjusted out far enough. Only problem was if I turned sharp, my foot would hit the bottom of the front fender. It was probably only a matter of time, but one day I turned too quick and sharp and bent the fender with my foot and had to limp home, not having the right wrench with me to get the bolt out and get the fender completely off.

Maybe I should've learned my lesson by now and invested in some quality fenders. But these Beaver Tails are light and easy to get on and off. I think they'll keep me mostly free of road splatter, if I keep the speed low. And I can always break out the rain gear. 

Scout inspecting the bike.

Friday, October 7, 2011


OK, that's me on the right during the 2nd lap or so of last week's cyclocross race at Riverside State Park.  I had been following the racer ahead of me thinking I would wait and pass him on the next lap. I was resting up as the 2nd lap is a tough one for me.
You might notice the course turns right up ahead.
well I was too busy following the guy ahead of me, and didn't notice the turn. I followed him as he went straight and rode into the course tape. I barely braked in time before running in to him. This is the aftermath. No harm no foul?

 I think he might have been a little ticked off with me - he said something about "that was a right turn there". Yeah I noticed - it takes me about 3 laps before I can remember how most of the course goes. Can't remember every turn, but this one was pretty obvious - if I hadn't been staring at his back wheel.

So there's my first lesson of the year. I was a little gun shy about passing and also thought I'd conserve some energy. But in doing so, I fell behind the 4 or 5 racers ahead of us, and had a little fender bender. Glad it wasn't worse!