Saturday, June 28, 2014

Staying Safe on City Streets

Robert Hurst (Industrialized Cyclist) has a new edition of his book The Art of Cycling subtitled Staying Safe on City Streets. The first edition was The Art of Urban Cycling, then it was The Art of Cycling: A Guide to Bicycling in 21st Century America.  Maybe they could've come up with a better title this time than the generic "The Art of".  I like his approach because he emphasizes it's not enough to just ride predictably as we're so often told.  You have to be a defensive biker:

Defensive driving advice has been shoveled out in great heaps to drivers and motorcyclists for decades, and it's a good thing. For some reason, bicyclists have been served a very different message. "Ride predictably," They tell us. "Follow the law and wear a helmet." Okay advice, sure, but not adequate safety advice by a long shot. A quick glance at accident statistics proves it: Most adult cyclists who get hit by cars are in fact riding lawfully and predictably when they are hit.

I like his approach but then I'm easily influenced - maybe if I'd read some John Forester first I'd be a vehement vehicular cyclist. I have the 2nd edition of The Art of Cycling and found it full of practical advice and information, not bound by dogma or doctrine.

The new edition is available for pre-order at Aunties here.

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