Monday, June 9, 2014

Sport, Not Transport

Wait wait wait, oh sorry, got that backwards - it's supposed to be Transport, Not Sport. Sometimes it's difficult to keep all those bicycle dictums straight.  This one popped into my head as I was riding my Fargo home from the shop, taking the river trail between Riverside Memorial Park and T.J. Meenach Bridge for sport.  I guess it was transport also, as I was transporting my self home.  Maybe it's possible to like both. Who woulda thunk?

In related news, I patched a flat on my Vaya and when finished I aligned the brand name on the tire across from the valve stem.

Another broken rule! But sheesh, now it's going to be so hard to find the valve stem next time I need to pump some air in the tires or fix a flat.

Addendum and somewhat related: that River Trail is leading me to think maybe a full-suspension fat bike is just the ticket. That is one rocky, slippery ride.

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