Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Trail 25 Where Else

I've been taking it fairly easy on the weekends lately, not doing any major dirt/gravel or road rides.  Thinking I need to finish the Commute of the Century rides but haven't mustered up enough wherewithal for that yet - have until July 31st to finish all the routes so I can put it off a little longer. Instead been doing little rides here and there, getting things done around the house.

Finally started feeling like a nice long ride somewhere.  The Martin Road trailhead has been calling me, I want to do some more exploring out there down Belsby Rd and Hole-in-the Ground area.  But didn't want to bike or drive the 40 miles out there. Maybe some bike camping out to the JWPT or CPT this summer.

Hopped on the Fargo and headed out to Riverside on Sunday, and of course ended up on Trail 25. Almost got my Trail 25 merit badge - just missing one tiny teeny section of the trail. Another boring Trail 25 post, that's right.

Rode counter-clockwise from the Bowl and Pitcher campground.
almost didn't find the trail on the other side of deep Creek
almost missed this sign by Carlson Rd again
and almost missed this sign, too, don't know how.
from Pine Bluff - a new view for me
Pine Bluff Rd 
i didn't realize weed wackers are an essential trail maintenance tool.
 i'm glad they were out - i might've lost the trail here
shortly after the weed wackier section 
I got turned around near here and rode towards the Pine Bluff Rd/7-Mile Rd intersection instead of taking a dogleg west.  Shoulda waited for the Park Ranger/Employee to show me the way.  Found the faux-25 trail that heads to Inland Rd, so got off that and headed down towards/into the ORV area to search out the 25. Some fun trails there.
Felt like I was in an old western movie, leading my trusty steed throughout the desert, vultures over head. Took me awhile to find the trail again, took another detour and had to backtrack.  Eventually made it down the bluff and headed back towards the river on various trails.


  1. who me?
    i think once i finally do the whole thing in one sitting i'll be over it and onto the next big thing…maybe