Monday, June 16, 2014

My Biggest Biking Fear

It's not accidentally flying off a cliff out at Riverside State Park. It's not being run down by a bus downtown or a garbage truck on Geiger Blvd.  Or a red-light runner.

Sometimes I stop at REI on the way home from work and then head north on Madison Street, making my way to NW Blvd.  I like to cross at this crosswalk near Adams Street that has a safety divider halfway across.

My biggest fear is crashing at this crosswalk.  I'll be on the news, and the scantily clad Espresso Shop will be in the background. If I survive, I'll have to explain to people no no I wasn't heading to the Devil's Brew! and it'll be a case of he doth protest too much.

It was pretty scary just stopping to take this pic - was sure someone we know would see me taking a pic. Honest, I was just gathering material for my blog!

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