Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fargo + Topit

Thinking of doing a little 2-3 day bike camping trip on the Fargo, so I moved the Racktime Topit rack to it.  The Fargo fork is a little wider than the Vaya's so I had to pull on the rack legs a bit to spread them apart to fit the rack to the mid-fork mounts.  (They fit perfectly on the inside leg mounts on the Moonlander fork on the Pugs N/R.)  The mid-fork mounts are lower on the Fargo fork so had to bend the bracket for the fork crown hole mount until it is almost straight. Will see if I can get another bracket for when/if I move the rack back to the Pugs.

Next: tubeless? We'll see how that goes.  And maybe remove wheel decals.

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