Sunday, October 13, 2013

last week sunday pugsley ramble

Not sure exactly where I went but this is as near as I can make it...down Merkel to Riverside Park Bowl & Pitcher area, across Centennial Trail up Trail 210, south on Trail 25 I think, across W Trails Rd on another trail, on what looked like old RR grade in spots, came across road thought was Houston but it wasn't and dead-ended, rode along working RR tracks, found Houston, stayed away from the Archery range, to the Military Cemetery, Trail 100 (?) along the ridge, lots of horse crap (you have to pick up after your dog but not your horse I guess) which made me think maybe I was in the "no bikes preferred" equestrian area by accident.  Didn't see any horses but I thought might be on the same trail that is marked "no bikes" to the left of the swinging bridge. Sure enough that's where I arrived back at Bowl & Pitcher, Trail 25. A few pics

interesting house up in the hills

off Houston...some type of old walkway?

 ...bout ready to sell my mountain bike as I like riding the Pugsley N/R better, it goes anywhere. Except I need the mountain bike for studded tire commuting. But I could replace both the mountain and cross bikes with a Fargo or Fargo type vehicle, then the Fargo could be the studded tire commuter.  There's always something, but I'd like to condense the bikes down.


    Fat, studded tires. $165+ each.

    Of course, I'm always in favor of buying a Fargo. What frame size Fargo would you ride?
    - Ventura

  2. I've been thinking about those Dillinger's since I'll be riding the Pugs to work sometimes, and think they'd get me through the bumpy icy sections better than the 2" wide Marathons I have. But $165 ea is a little steep, maybe one on the rear would be enough. I'm 5'8 and think a medium Fargo would fit best.


  3. If I'm just running one studded tire, I put it in the front, so I can steer.

    My 2012 Fargo 3's a medium. If I can get it shifting right again, you're welcome to test-ride it. Or Steve's on Cannon street might have one in stock again... I haven't been down there for a while.

  4. Thanks for the offer. I haven't been to Steve's for a long time either, not sure what he has in stock or can get as he's not listed as a dealer on Salsa's website anymore. I saw Wheel Sport was recently added.