Monday, October 28, 2013

Drop-bar-pannierd-khakied-skinnytired River Trail

Since I wasn't planning on doing many if any cyclocross races this year, I didn't take lots of long rides after work during summer to whip myself into some kinda shape so I could come in second to last or dfl in the Masters race.  But holy cow we've had some great September-October weather that I thought I better take advantage of now.  Haven't done any dirt riding after work for a long time so last Thursday took the Centennial Trail to Sandifur Bridge to the cemetery and hit the River trail on the Vaya in dockers and a t-shirt, with a single rear pannier bag.  Beautiful warm sunny day. Relatively skinny 40mm tires.  Other bikers rock the drop bars here and the Vaya handles the trail pretty good, but for the rocky parts I do better with wider mountain bike or cross style tires.  Did a little walking.

forthwith some pictures.

I couldn't believe I haven't taken the Pugsley N/R on this trail yet, so Sunday headed out and rode it out and back. Really nice being able to roll over rocks sometimes instead of navigating between them.

Looks like there was a work party out sometime between Thursday and Sunday below the housing development, as pine needles were swept away and the trail leveled and widened in spots.  And a sign I haven't noticed before:

Forgot to take the rear light off before I hit the trail, and it went missing somewhere in Riverside State Park. The cardinal sin of mountain biking.

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