Thursday, October 24, 2013

Post Street Solution

To get bikes from Riverfront Park to the Monroe St. underpass/Centennial Trail connection, there is a 2-way bike lane in the works on the east side of the Post St. Bridge.

The middle of the street is a one-way running north.  The bike lane crosses this at an angle, with a stop sign for the bikes.

It's an interesting solution. Not sure if if like this angled crossing, with no stop sign for the vehicle lane. I usually ride in the traffic lane now, the bike lane can get crowded with people walking. I have a feeling when it's open to traffic, I might still ride in the one-way lane, especially if I'm heading further north on Lincoln instead of turning left.  Depending on the speed and volume of traffic.

The underpass is a great way to get by Monroe Street and continue on the Centennial Trail.

West of Monroe:

Back on Post Street, lots of construction activity going on where the new park/plaza is going in south of City Hall, and Post reconfigured.  The first time I looked here, I was startled how much this has opened up the view.

These projects should look real nice when finished.  Hoping it works for bike, foot and motor traffic.

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