Monday, October 21, 2013

All Kitted-Up

I only first heard the term 'kit", meaning a bike racers outfit, a few years ago.  Probably about the time I started cyclocross.  Then I heard the term kitted up.  Some months ago a guy writing into a Bicycling magazine said something about how his son wanted to go on a bike ride, and he hesitated a bit because he'd have to get kitted-up. What a pain I thought. I like to be able to hop on the bike without too much hassle.

Then my smugness faded away as I realized I'd just gone on a bike ride on gravel and dirt in my own version of "kitted up", it being late winter:

headless biker and dog butts great photo skills
Looking dorky as usual. (The knickers are from Aero Tech, the fit is kinda strange.  These are size mediums with a lot of room in the adjustable waist. Usually wear 32-33 jeans. Came across this brand at the Seattle Bike Expo a few years ago. Not sold on them).

Then there's the Partial-Kitted Up version.
REI 3/4 hiking pants, REI button-up bike shirt, 5-Ten platform MTB shoes (another item not from REI, shockingly) but somewhat normal clothes.

And the Bike Commuting kit:

I guess not really a kit, as it consists of my work jeans (or dockers depending on the day) and a T-shirt. I can ride to work, change shoes and put a polo or button-up over the t-shirt and I'm presentable and within corporate dress guidelines. Trying not to feel too smug.

Riding in normal clothes - as you probably know, a big deal in some bike circles.  I try not to put too much into it or join the great debate over riding in lycra/bike specific or regular clothes. Never liked tight clothes or polyester, so I tend towards the normal clothes spectrum with some adjustments. It depends on the type of bike ride.  Heading to the store or barber - no change. Heading out for long dirt/gravel/road ride - might require a change, if I'm not already in shorts and t-shirt.


  1. The headless rider and dog butt shot belongs on the Salsa website.

  2. hey maybe I'll send it in - might make a good(?) advertisement