Friday, October 4, 2013

Riding on borrowed time - doh!

I was wearing through the back tire (Clement X'Plor MSO) on the Vaya fairly quickly, getting more pavement than gravel/dirt riding on it lately.  I skidded on it once or twice, too, which didn't help. Had a couple flats.  Then I noticed a little green showing through the tread, which I figured was part of the tire.
hmm...that green should look familiar...

I looked at various replacement tires in the 38mm + range like the Bontrager LT or H2, the various Schwalbe Marathons, Panaracer Pasela/Crosstown/Ribmo, Vittoria Randonneur, and the Clement X'Plor USH.  Maxxis has some promising looking tires in their Urban line. 

I decided to stick with the Clement X'Plor MSO (40-622).  I like how they handle, they grip nicely in the corners and over the gravel and debris in the street. And they match the front tire, which has plenty of miles left on it. I ordered the 60 tpi version instead of 127 tpi, thinking the 60tpi might last longer.  They're less expensive, too

First the question was, "would the new tire arrive before my old tire blew out"?

Then the tires arrived before the tire blew, a couple days went by, and the question became "will I get the tire actually put on before a blow-out?".  I'm not on real good terms with the rear derailleur, so I kept putting it off.  I tend to procrastinate. In the meantime, I tried to stay off busy streets.

I finally got them on last weekend.  Remember that green spot?  Turned out it was a Skab patch.  Somehow forgot that I'd run over a staple which left a little flap in the tire. I'd patched the tube with a Skab and glued the flap down.  Which eventually tore off. Doh! 

So lesson learned - sometimes it's best to replace the tire after a flat instead of gluing it back together. And do it pronto.

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