Sunday, April 21, 2013

Martin Rd Trailhead to John Wayne Pioneer Trail

On Saturday I took off from the Martin Road Trailhead on the Columbia Plateau Trail to do some recon for my Wileydog 55 at 55 Ride I'm thinking of doing in July.  Specifically, I wanted to find the way down to the John Wayne trail, and try to make a loop of 55 miles. I did find the JWPT trail, but I only ended up going 42 miles.  On the way back there was a strong headwind so around Belsby and Mullinix Rd I took the most direct way back.  I can easily add on a few miles by starting at the Amber Lake Trailhead instead, and there are also some roundabout ways to get from the Belsby/Mullinix junction back to the Martin Rd trailhead.

Here's my Garmin map and details.  Lots and lots of photos below.

At the Martin Road Trailhead (which appears to be on Williams Lake Rd to my untrained eye).  I was tempted to bring the Pugsley, but this is the kind of ride that I got the Vaya for.

From the trailhead to Mullinix, it's about 6 miles:
 A little historical bit:

 Last summer I went right on Mullinix here, but this time I checked out the dirt Martin Rd:

Which led to Rock Lake Rd. It took me a minute or two to get my bearings here.  I wanted to stay off the pavement as much as possible, but after I figured out I could turn right here and reach Belsby I took Rock Lake Rd

On Belsby - the road to the right looked promising, but it was marked in an unofficial looking way as "no access".  There was a truck parked on it a little ways down, so I noted it for future exploration.

Lots more pics on Belsby, an up and down ride. Mostly down with some fun descents.

 Rock Creek, I believe:
I stayed on Belsby on the left here.  No more gravel, the sign warns.  As I discovered later, Hole in the Ground Rd on the right leads to the JWPT and a bridge over Pine Creek.

 The Garmin map calls this road on the right of Belsby (pic below) as still Belsby Rd but I'm not sure about that.  I went by this gate at first and a short distance past it is the stop sign pic at Belsby and Siegel; my atlas and google don't have a name for it.  I followed this road until it petered out near some trees and farm equipment.  It looked like there was a bit of a road/track to the left, and straight ahead there was a fence and an open gate but no road.  I think it actually continues on straight to connect with Hole in the Ground Rd, you just might have to hunt and peck to find the road in spots. I neglected to take a pic where I stopped and turned around on it.
 Turn around point at Belsby and Siegel:

I rode back up and took Hole in the Ground and reached the JWPT:

 Pine Creek just a few yards past the trail:

The ride back started out innocently enough with some more up and down climbing.  After I got back up to the more open country, the wind picked up and made it a bear of a ride.  One of those rides where you just put your head down and keep pedaling.  On the way down I was thinking I should've brought someone along; but if I had I think they would've been cursing me all the way back.  But I was glad I made it.  I was a little disappointed when I figured I wasn't going to make 55 miles.  Next time.

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