Friday, April 19, 2013

Threading the Needle

Part of my ride to work: from College St., right on Monroe to left on Bridge to cut over to Riverfront Park

North Monroe Street has the narrowest turn lanes in the known universe, so this can get a little unnerving when there's busy traffic going north and south.  A safe and sane way is probably to ditch Monroe and ride into the parking lot across the street (if it's not blocked by a line of cars as it is in this shot).  Another option is to cross one block north at Broadway, but it has one of those long red lights.   Sometimes I stay on Monroe and cross the bridge, especially if I have trouble getting over to the left lane, but it takes me a little out of my way.

(oh boy, youtube has found other videos to watch titled threading the needle. remind me not to use youtube again. although )


  1. I take the lane on Monroe Bridge and turn left on Main, but that's just me. It'll be nice once that section of the Centennial Trail is completed, taking you under the bridge.

  2. yes, I'm looking forward to that.