Thursday, December 5, 2013

ok, I guess it's a little cold

My solution:

Scout not included. Just noticed the reds in the shirt and the
jacket hurt my eyes. 

Long sleeved T-shirt. Usually cotton…I know I know - cotton kills but it's only a 5 mile bike ride
SmartWool base layer (found on sale 1/2 off!)
Light Jacket - either the red bike jacket or normal one works.
Long john's - either inexpensive Costco ones or SmartWool
Work pants - dockers or jeans
Wool footies over regular socks, same ol' 5 Ten mtb shoes.
Wool glove liners inside 3 fingered gloves.
Neck gaiter, hat, helmet.
Pedal fast!

This works for me, and I arrive at work a little overheated somedays - I might have an internal heat machine. As long as my arms are warm, I'm ok.  Which is funny, because off the bike I can get chilled real easily.

One day this week I tried no long johns and rain pants over work pants.  Bad idea!  I thought the rain pants would add a layer of insulation and protection from the wind, but they just made my legs feel colder.

Here ends the bike blogger's required annual winter gear post.

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