Sunday, December 29, 2013

Coffeeneuring (Blog Clearance #3)

Ok this post is way past its shelf life, but here goes:

I first heard of Coffeeneuring over at The Society of Three Speeds and the Urban Adventure League.  I thought that's cool, and I'm always a sucker for some clever (and not so clever) word play.  There was a challenge going on and the idea was to do a coffee run once a week for 7 weeks from Oct 4 to Nov 17.  It was started by Chasing Mailboxes d.c.  (not to be confused with the other DC - Drunk Cyclist) Sounded fun.  But there were rules, based on Randonneuring.  19 rules listed here.  Nineteen, my eyes glazed over and I don't think I read them all.  That killed that idea. So I rethunk it and the whole idea of Coffeeneuring went downhill, sounded suspect.  If I feel like riding to get a coffee, I'll just do it.

Last winter's Tariq Saleh Bike Club 100 Challenge is more my style.


  1. Oh no! Sorry to read that the rules put you off but certainly understandable... it's all part of the randonneuring meets going to get coffee theme. Shawn did a great job with the challenge; Really enjoyed his write-ups and trips to coffee outside/coffee shops without walls. Beautiful!

  2. Thanks for your nice note! Normally, I'm all about coffee (or beer) and biking, but the short daylight days this time of year may've left me a little grumpy!