Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday Ride 2013

The dealio: John's report here;  Hank's with pics of each of this year's participants, except for himself (I was too lazy to get my phone out of my pocket, and neglected to bring the go pro) here.

Here's my Garmin report.  We started at the Scoop and I didn't remember to start the garmin timer (what again?) until a bit down the High Drive bluff trails, so the distance from The Scoop to River City Brewing is a bit more than 22.91 miles.

At the River City taproom. I only had 2 half-pints, but things got a little blurry.

After River City, Eric and I headed north, others headed back to The Scoop.  Started snowing a little on the way; my mountain bike tires worked fine.  Of course, Eric's fat bike tires didn't notice the little bit of snow.

I'm not a slave to the garmin and stats, but now I'm curious how far it is from home on the North side to The Scoop; and from River City to Scoop.  Hmmm,  a beer and ice cream trip, sounds like a good idea.

A fun ride, legs felt it on some of the hills, but best of all, I managed to stay upright this year!
Thanks to John for putting this ride together.

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