Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rock Creek Rec. Area/Escure Ranch

I cheated and drove out to the Rock Creek Recreation Area last week - postponed a bike overnighter until September.  Maybe August depending on schedule and heat.  On the way down on Jordan Knott Rd passed by the Lamont Grain Growers silo near Revere where Pat, Eric and I re-filled our water bottles a couple years ago on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail. A good spot to remember there's a water hose there.

Here's the Garmin for my ride around Escure Ranch/Rock Creek Area and a separate one for the 3-mile trail from the parking lot to Towell Falls. I explored a couple roads/trails while out there.

Here's plenty of pics of the area: dry, dusty, cheatgrass, a little swampy, basalt - almost everything Eastern Washington has to offer. And hazy sky from the Central Washington fires.

just two other vehicles in the parking area - talked
to a guy who was camping at Williams Lake with
family and was getting away to try the fly fishing here
a little history
the road from parking area to the Ranch and bridge over
Rock Creek

map says this is George Knott Rd leading out from the

a little single track diversion which ed to the below
returned to the road, then veered off onto another road/trail
this could be the north end of Wall Lake.  you might be
able to see a deer and fawn in the left central portion.
they paid no attention to me
just as I arrived at the JWPT, this feller sauntered onto it
from McCall Rd. He didn't notice me, appeared to not
be doing very well
he stopped and looked back at me but I didn't register on
his radar until I said hey buddy and he ran back up
McCall. felt bad for making him run. That is the Columbia
Plateau Trail overpass in the background.
back at the ranch, trying to be artsy with the camera

this is probably for horses since it's by the corral. also
by the parking/picnic table area.  I also found a
spigot at the ranch but water wasn't on.
3 miles to the Towell Falls
road veers off to the left then climbs up a bit before
reaching the falls

When I got back to the parking lot the fisherman had left so I didn't find out if he had any luck. Haven't fished in years, but interested to find out if the fishing's any good here.  Would make a good addition to the bike camping food.

Will have to return to explore some of the other dry dusty trails.

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