Monday, July 21, 2014

biggest shiniest rack I could find

There're a few reasons why I've been wanting a different front rack.  The Racktime Topit is ok but the platform is narrow for my needs. The Orleib panniers were rubbing on the Salsa rack, so I switched to the backpack again. The backpack, though convenient, was bothering my back. And neither the backpack or panniers carry some bulky items very well.

So I went for broke and got the Velo Orange Porteur Rack. Or if you don't like the French word, call it a Freedom Rack. Or pizza rack, since at 14" x 11" it's a good size to carry pizza home (without the fence).

I look at the bike and go yikes that's huge and so shiny! Looks a little out of place, but maybe I just need to get used to it.  Maybe should've gone with the Soma rack which has a basic black option. Think also maybe should've been patient and ordered a 3-rail Cetma rack - something narrower than the Porteur racks, but wider than most other front racks. Second guessing.

It's a type of rack that works best with a low-trail bike, so they say, instead of the Vaya. It reminds me of that insurance commercial - "that's not how it works".

But whaddya know - it works for me.  For now, I'm bungee cording my backpack to the rack, and when I have the load balanced it handles pretty good.  Feels great to get the backpack off my back, especially in this heat.  I like the way the rear of the bike handles without weight back there - the bike is a little more zippy.  The front from handles a little differently - mostly I notice it when biking uphill it feels like I'm pushing a load which I guess is what I'm doing.

I'll see how this slightly expensive experiment goes. It might work out and I won't just have an item to add to the craigslist/bike swap list.

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