Monday, November 11, 2013

Get Yourself Some Cheap Plastic Fenders, oh yeah! part II

Planet Bike Clip-On Fenders (Hybrid/Touring) - $20

I've been thinking of investing in some quality fenders for the Vaya and ended up with these.  Maybe they look a little out of place on a nice touring bike, but I haven't had any luck finding ones that fit with the 40mm stock tires.  So they are going to have to do, at least until/if I move down to fender friendly 35-38mm tires (the specs say the bike has clearance for 38 with fenders).  That's about the only drawback to the Vaya - it'd be nice to have a little more clearance.

I know, in an ideal cycling world we'd all be on city bikes that come stock with fenders, and clearance wouldn't be a concern.  But I like the looks of the bike without fenders, don't like fiddling with fender stays or hitting the front fenders with my shoes, so luckily these are easily removable.  And best of all, cheap!

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