Thursday, November 21, 2013

the Wileydog Death Glare

  Well, it's that time of year again…a car pulls out in front of me and I shoot them some Wileydog death rays, but it doesn't stop them.  The glare doesn't work in the dark.  And as I discovered on my commute on Belt Street one day, it doesn't penetrate frosted windows in the morning light, either.  A wagon with the windshield and passenger window mostly iced over started to pull out in front of me.  I glared at them - hopefully you never experience it as it can scar for life - and they didn't stop.  What?

  So I opened my mouth and somewhere from the depths -  it startled even me - came a deep full throated 'HEY'!  The Wileydog Banshee Yell.  They stopped dead in their tracks and let me go by.

  I've got to be careful with this yell.  My wife and I were walking in downtown Portland a couple weeks ago, about to step into the crosswalk (walk sign was on) when a car creeped into it.  The driver was looking the other way for traffic so I just naturally yelled "HEY!". They stopped, but I startled Debbie, too, and probably everybody within a half city block.  It might have been a little overkill in this case.  Best to save it for emergencies.



  1. My voice conveys a much sharper and more understandable message than my death glare. See you at the Black Friday Bike Ride? Injury free this time, okay?

  2. Yes the yell is very powerful. I'll be there Friday - can't guarantee no injuries, but my goal is to not bleed on the new brewpub's floor this time.