Monday, January 16, 2012

First Dog Bite of the Year Award!

"I'm gonna get that dog that bit my dad!"
Well I don't really know if I was the first this year, but I'm sure I have the dubious honor of being the first biker to get bit this year. Happened last Tuesday the 10th about 5pm on my way home from work, with only about a block to go. I think I'm pretty lucky as it could've been much worse. I was going up a little hill, and as I approached the last house on the left before the turn onto my street, I saw there was a guy in the yard playing with his dog.  

Usually, when I see loose dogs I have time to turn around and go an alternate way; or if not, the dogs lose interest in chasing me and aren't aggressive. This one, though, put his head down and headed straight for me. He was going for my left leg. The owner yelled. I managed to brake, and the dog overshot me and bumped into my front wheel. He then spun around and came for my left leg again, and clamped down on my calf. I remember thinking, pit bull, damn! They don't let go once they bite. But a car went by in the intersection ahead of us and distracted him so he took off after it. A dog with ADD, my lucky day.

There weren't any holes in my pant leg, so I was surprised to see the bite had broken the skin and I was bleeding. Spent some time at urgent care getting it cleaned up and getting another tetanus shot just to be safe. The doctor was happy to see there wasn't any contact with the dog's saliva so little risk of infection. They filled out the required report to send to the Health District; when I called to check on it a couple days later, I didn't even have to give the Environmental Public Health Specialist my name. They knew who I was.

It's healing up pretty good. The incident has added a couple blocks to my bike ride, as I detour around now. I'm the sure dog won't be outside, but you just never know.


  1. Bummer. I've had dogs come after me but never so aggressively. Usually it's enough for them to feel like they've chased me off.

  2. That's crap. I hope you file a report on the owner. You know to take a detour now. Some kid on a bike may not know that and the dog may not get distracted next time.

  3. That's what worries me. I declined to press charges, but they received a visit from Spokanimal, and hopefully they took it seriously. The Spokanimal guy I talked to said he is pretty tough on the dog owners so as to impress on them the seriousness of the situation.