Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A few more pics from the CPT

Forgot to mention...there seems to be an unofficial rifle range below the trail after gate 2408(?). I think it was the next gate after Martin Road trailhead gate. On the way out I heard a few rifle or shotgun blasts, and was glad I had on my yellow commuter jacket. On the way back, though, as I got nearer the Trailhead, there was a steady stream of rifle reports. Then I heard a few ricochets which was a little unnerving to say the least. I tried to get down to the side of the trail, but there wasn't much room. I yelled a little a few heys and hos to alert whomever it was to my presence but didn't do any good. I finally was able to see some vehicles parked off a road and a group of people standing around. I waved at them but they didn't notice or care. Heard some semi-automatic fire. Wish now I'd taken a picture, but I didn't feel like stopping, just wanted to get past. anyways, just a warning.

We continue with our travelogue...

Another photo of the first gate across the road from the trailhead
Just after the first gate, showing the trail built up on a on a dike. a whole lotta dirt moving went on.

wonder what the story is here
On the way back, approaching Lamont. I kept on looking at my Garmin at this point trying to figure out how many more miles to go. Maybe 4-5 miles, would I make it?  Maybe there's someone in town who'd like to give me a ride back!


  1. I heard a bunch of gunfire near Martin Road too, and it was a little freaky - especially being such a great target up on top of that ridge. I made a point to keep my dog close, so she wouldn't be mistaken for a coyote. If I'd have heard any ricochets or semi-auto stuff, I'd have been a mess. As it was, I just wrote it off as part of the experience. But I wasn't crazy about it. It gave me pause for lots of reflection on where we're at with guns, as a society.

    I also had similar thoughts to you about that pile of dirt that we rode across - holy hell, I've moved some dirt in my day and just knowing that it was put there at a time when earth-moving equipment was primitive and manual labor was much more in effect - well, jeez, just part of my major fascination with the trail.

  2. oh man, I don't know what I would've done with a dog when I was there - I thought about hunkering down on the left, but there just wasn't much protection anywhere and I would've been stuck there until they left. Felt a little vulnerable up there! One of the rifles sounded like it had some heavy firepower.

    yeah, it's difficult to imagine the amount of labor that went into building these railroad lines. And they sure are straight. There's something about this trail that makes me want to see more, whether doing it in sections or all at once.

  3. I'm still surprised there were two guys out there on bikes the same weekend in January! I almost went out on the 31st to Amber Lake so might've run into you.

    There was actually another car in the parking lot when I got back - a couple from Idaho out hiking the trail. There was so much gunfire that day, they turned around when they got closer to it.