Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bike Commuting Tip #28a: Shoes

That's a view of underneath my desk at work in cubicle-land. A rare day with some sun shining through the window shedding a little light on my workplace hoarding tendencies. Our dress code is business casual which means no sneakers, even on jeans days.

Work shoes on platform pedals are a little slippery, so depending on the bike and my mood, I might ride into work in sneakers or clipped-in shoes. When I started using a rear pannier,  I'd stash my work shoes in that.  Then I started riding a cross bike to work that I couldn't stand the thought of putting a back rack on (I'm over that now), and started using a backpack again. I have the Novara bright yellow commuter bag, which holds a lot, but shoes take up a lot of room.  I found it easier to just keep 2 pairs of shoes at work, instead of hauling them back and forth. Saves room and a little time. Being a little neurotic, I have to have a brown and a black pair to match my pants.  I'm not one of those guys who can wear brown shoes with blue or black pants. But I have done it once or twice. Just doesn't feel right.


  1. I would encourage you to tow the line with the two shoe options - just because you ride a bike doesn't mean you should have to dress funny. If it's of any value, camraderie-wise, I have clothing, shoe, and towel bits stashed all over the place where I work . . . some for fashion reasons and some more urgent reasons, like forgetting something essential.

  2. If there's one effect that bike (and running) commuting has had on me, it's change my wardrobe. Black shoes and black or gray pants only. I keep black shoes at work and leave them there. I also have a belt and a pair of socks there just in case. Nobody knows if you're going commando but they will notice you're missing a belt or socks.

  3. Yeah, I need to remember to stash a shirt and socks at work, too. I've had to run down to the Macy's clearance racks when I've forgotten to pack a shirt, and sometimes their options are limited there to either too ugly or too large/small.