Friday, November 18, 2011

Ok it was a little chilly Wednesday

I get a lot of mostly friendly comments from people about riding my bike to work when temps are in the 40's and 30's. But really, that's not cold on a bike, and you don't really need much clothing to stay warm when temps are in the low 30's. At least I don't and I'm not that tough!

Last Wednesday I have to admit it was getting a little cold at 7:30am:
 It actually didn't feel cold after I'd gone a couple blocks, even though I just had on a light windbreaker over a long sleeved cotton t-shirt and regular t-shirt with Dockers. Should've worn woolie bullies on my feet and a wool shirt, but I left home in a hurry and didn't even put on long johns.

A couple fellow bikers have mentioned to me that they don't ride after it gets below 45....what's up with that? I like to ride too much to let some mild temperatures stop me. I blame it on cyclocross. After carrying your bike across an icy cold stream at Stanger Farm, or racing in the snow and mud at Walters Orchard, the commute to work in less than ideal conditions doesn't seem so bad. 

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