Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bicycling Magazine vs Bicycle Times

A few months ago I was at the bookstore picking up a copy of Bicycling magazine - you know, the one that usually has some fit, athletic types on fast road bikes on the cover:
I noticed another magazine with an illustrated cover of a sorta dorky looking cyclist. No glossy photo? What kinda mag is that? Bicycle Times. The title reminded me of High Times.
I almost put it aside, but then I looked at the cover closer. Then I looked back at the Bicycling mag. Then it hit me - the Bicycle Times mag guy looked a lot more like me than the athletes on the Bicycling cover. And Bicycle Times had a good article on clothing for commuting in all seasons. I ended up buying and enjoying both, but I think there were more articles in Bicycle Times that related to me and my cycling life. I'm a commuter/recreational//semi-serious cyclocross racer/light trail type of biker, and the Times always seems to have articles geared towards riders like me.

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