Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Crossing NW Boulevard, part 2

Since mid summer my favorite ride home from work has been this:

Go north up Post, left on Broadway. Take Broadway past the Courthouse, through West Central all the way to Summit Blvd. Stay on Summit as it becomes Mission, take a left on to West Point. This section on Broadway and Summit is a nice mile or two uninterrupted by stop signs or lights until Pettet Dr.

Left on Pettet down Doomsday hill. Watch out for the dip in the bike lane about 2/3rds of the way down! It's a little jarring at 30 mph - hold on tight.

Continue down Pettet under the TJ Meenach bridge to Downriver Dr. Take Downriver Dr to the right turn up to the golf course, left on Columbia Ct, then left on to "H" Street and voila! NW Blvd. This is a little more friendly section of the Boulevard, where it's narrowed down to two easier to cross lanes. Sometimes there's still a long line of traffic coming from the east, but the wait isn't too long.

From here I've been turning left onto NW Blvd and extending my ride home by making a loop around Joe Albi Stadium/Dwight Merkel Sports complex back to NW Blvd, south to Garland then north on G street, over to Driscoll and then home.

There are a few tricky parts to this ride, particularly at the bottom of Doomsday. You have to keep an eye out for the traffic coming down the hill that may be turning right; then also there might be traffic at the stop sign on the right pulling out in front of you. I try to slow it down here and be ready for anything. The next section on Downriver Dr is a narrow road with no shoulder to speak of, but I haven't had any problems on it.

I like this route. It's a good work out as I can kep a steady fast speed through most of it, and it includes a good hill climb.

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