Friday, October 7, 2011


OK, that's me on the right during the 2nd lap or so of last week's cyclocross race at Riverside State Park.  I had been following the racer ahead of me thinking I would wait and pass him on the next lap. I was resting up as the 2nd lap is a tough one for me.
You might notice the course turns right up ahead.
well I was too busy following the guy ahead of me, and didn't notice the turn. I followed him as he went straight and rode into the course tape. I barely braked in time before running in to him. This is the aftermath. No harm no foul?

 I think he might have been a little ticked off with me - he said something about "that was a right turn there". Yeah I noticed - it takes me about 3 laps before I can remember how most of the course goes. Can't remember every turn, but this one was pretty obvious - if I hadn't been staring at his back wheel.

So there's my first lesson of the year. I was a little gun shy about passing and also thought I'd conserve some energy. But in doing so, I fell behind the 4 or 5 racers ahead of us, and had a little fender bender. Glad it wasn't worse!

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