Friday, April 8, 2011

Just call me Fred...

If you're familiar with BikeSnobNYC's blog, you know about the guy he calls the time traveling yellow t-shirt wearing retro-Fred. I think I'm related! When I first started bike commuting, I wore a bright yellow t-shirt from Target with my work pants (or regular shorts in summertime). But the next year I got me a proper yellow cycling jacket and jersey. Then I broke down and got some padded cycling shorts for summer. Not the tight Lycra/Spandex ones, but nice baggy comfy ones. I'm a firm believer in not walking into the office in Spandex! I still prefer to look semi-dorky in the cooler seasons and wear Docker type pants riding to work. Cuts down on the time needed to change clothes.

But lately I've been thinking of digging out that yellow t- shirt. I kinda miss it.

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