Saturday, April 23, 2011

and a little longer ride the next day

After my short tour of the back yard, I went out with my wife's running group and rode the Fish Lake trail starting at the trailhead near downtown Spokane. Debbie warned me to stay on the pavement, as she knew I'd be tempted to ride off trail or past where the pavement ends by Scribner road. And there'd be no sympathy if I crashed and messed up my collarbone again.

So I had a little dilemma when after two miles the paved trail was interrupted by a dirt road crossing. I bravely (but maybe just a wee bit nervously) rode across it. Made it safely to the other side and continued on my merry way. It felt good to be on actual bike ride again. The trail is mostly flat but I felt a little sluggish and didn't remember the slight upgrade on the way out. I also had the seat set too low which didn't help and my legs were struggling a bit. I made it to the end of the paved section and checked out the dirt section of the trail past the No Tresspassing signs. It looked tempting, but of course I'd never actually trespass and would take the highway to the next trail segment if I were to continue on....

I turned around and enjoyed the easy ride back.

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