Thursday, April 14, 2011

1st bike ride since Nov 21st 2010!

..was a little short ride in the back yard!

I haven't ridden since the Cyclocross finals in Couer d'Alene when I went wide around a corner on the first lap, came to a dead stop somehow, crashed and landed hard on my back. Broke the collar bone. Embarrasing. I was a little ticked off with myself, as the practice laps were fine and I kept it under control. I started out the season on the flat bar, disc brake equipped hybrid style Marin, and switched to a cross bike mid-way through the season. It took some getting used to the switch to drop bars and canti brakes, but I thought figured out at the Liberty Lake race. I was wrong.

My cross bike has sat in the basement since then, with all that sand from Riverstone still caked on the bike. I hauled it out of the basement last Saturday and took it outside and cleaned it up. Got the chain back on - it had slipped off the sprocket and was stuck between the frame and the doo-hickey that was supposed to keep it from slipping off. Then I took a lap around the back yard, which was probably not a smart thing to do what with the uneven ground and holes dug by the dogs, but I survived it.  (I had surgery in February, and Dr Peterson advised me to start out on a spinner - he didn't want me crashing again and making things worse. I did some time spinning at the Y and was tired of that.)

Here's a picture of the freshly cleaned front wheel being inspected by Dash and Scout:

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