Sunday, January 28, 2018

Views from Wileydogland, part 2

more pics. whaat is this, instagram?

some pics below first seen on twitter or instagram

went for the hieroglyphic bar tape, not getting much better at wrapping. had to wrap one side clockwise, the other counter so the glyphs weren’t hidden on one side.

Street find in a planter box on Wall Street. I picked it up and brought it home. Everybody told me don’t you watch dateline? Now your dna is all over it.

A pretty shot while biking in Riverside State Park first week of December, below the military cemetery area.  from iPhone SE because I ahem lost my iPhone 6s while biking and don't deserve a better phone.

Leaning tower of scotcharoos, my specialty

schoolyard toys left out. which reminds me, I think we owe the school for a new red ball to replace a punctured one.

dog park pics, little mountain goats

the annual fat tire/Nettleton Street winter pic

Another street, another day. Fat bike for commuting comes in handy, better than studs or mountain bike many days.

Outside My Fresh Basket, I was a little leery of locking up after seeing the middle bike. Seems to be a safe spot, so wondered if bike was left overnight.

Rare local music store find, a button accordion tuned B/C. Perfect for Irish tunes, but I don't know if I want to take up another instrument or just have it hanging around.

A wintry day, chain broke shortly after this. Now I have a spare chain to practice changing links on.

Surprised by some daylight on ride to work.

A light coating of icy frost/snow on the streets made these tires the wrong tool for the job but I was so tired of studded tires or rolling fat bike tires on pavement.


on my way to boot camp. who needs hi-viz?

I like to keep the pie plates and reflectors on my bike partly to annoy serious cyclists, partly out of lazyness. And because I like having the reflectors on for night street riding although I'm not sure if they help any.

 for Debbie's road bike

that's all for now folks, might have to go out for a bike ride.

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