Saturday, January 13, 2018

Views from Wileydogland, part 1

from the last 6 months or so in no particular order, from on the bike, off the bike, or not bike related at all:

I rode by this quail, almost thought it was part of the fence
This sign tempted me for a couple weeks back in summer on
my ride home. Not just root beer floats, but cold root beer
      not sure why I took this pic, but note the excessive 
      electronics use and also the tire marks on the garage door 
      where I roll up to open it
some new bike racks in the condo/retail building across
from the downtown mall. the building had a sign on the door
stating not to lock your bikes on the railing, but no place to
actually park them. the building also hosts a fitness center that
people biked to.
remember summer?
part of the riverside state park turkey gang
    the goldfinches in our yard are normally real skittish, but not 
    this guy. Let me get real close, then saw he was blind in
    his left eye.

    I felt bad when I made a noise and startled him, and he
    looked straight at me, confusedly trying to figure me out. then 
    flew off.
maybe it wasn't warm enough for short sleeves
showing off for potluck at work. crockpot fit
right in the velo orange bag (wait I think that's 
the Chrome Duffel bag I got 1/2 price 
more #bikestylespokane
Halloween - I didn't win any prizes
bike cubicle at work
we love it when the children leave their toys out for Dash to 
play with

that's all for now. waiting for more photos to download to my ancient laptop, this is the first time I've opened it in months. Not able to post more than 4 when on the iPad or phone using Blogger. This is probably enough for now!

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