Friday, July 3, 2015

Version 1: Trail 100/Houston Rd/Old Trails/Trail 25

A couple weeks ago I had a few days off, and I set out on the Trail 100/Houston Rd/Old Trails loop I like to do.  There's a few variations, but a basic version goes like this:

start Trail 100 at TJ Meenach, connect to the Wright Military Cemetery via Centennial Trail, cross Gov't Way and head up Houston Rd (paying your respects at the Dead Volvo Corner), left onto Rimrock through Palisades Park, right onto Greenwood, right on Grove, left on Deno, left on Mission, right on Old Trails Rd, then left on Trails Rd (Hwy) for short distance, right back onto Old Trails. Take that until it becomes Inland Rd and Trail 25 crosses it by the corrals; go right on 25 until it crosses the Centennial Trail into the Equestrian trail. Take Centennial back to Trail 100.

Garmin for that version is here, and a few pics:

Houston Rd- Volvo corner
typical skyline from Palisades 
going to have to explore Palisades Park -
there's more to it than I realized
meandering in Palisades
more meandering 
Deno or Mission or ?  forgot - that's what happens when u wait
a couple weeks before writing
rocky fun in Riverside 
smooth fun in Riverside 
As I looked at the garmin map after the ride, I discovered something I hadn't noticed before:  Euclid Rd, a summer road off to the left of Old Trails after it crosses Trails Rd, doesn't end at Hayford Rd like I thought, but continues on into the Deep Creek area.  It dead-ends, and I thought I saw some trails that would lead back to Riverside State Park.  Of course I had to go check it out a couple days later. Which will be detailed in Version 2 shortly.


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