Sunday, June 14, 2015

Midnight Century Training, Part I

The Midnight Century is coming up, August 1st 11:59pm.  Time to start training. We took a ride to Morning Sun Bakery on north Wall Street (5602 N Wall St to be exact), about two miles away.

Carbs are an important part of any training plan, as most any issue of Bicycling Magazine will tell you.

remnants of a pecan roll and mini-quiche. had to throw some protein
in there cuz it's part of my losing weight plan. The eternal struggle
 between carbs and protein.

Next Stop: The Shop or Brain Freeze for some ice cream.

The bicycling magazines always have detailed mileage plans for working up to 100 miles for a century.  I figure if you're a bike freak/commuter and ride your bike 5-7 miles almost daily with a few longer weekend rides, you'll be ok.  At least I hope so.

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