Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mother's Day Ride/Out and About

well i'm a little slow on the blogging duties lately, here it is past Memorial Day and I'm writing about a ride from weeks ago. We took a little bike ride on Mother's Day - Debbie's triathlon training plan called for a nice easy 2 hour ride.  Me on my Vaya, Debbie took her blue Redline cross/commuter bike since she's uneasy on the tri bike with traffic.  I was happy with that - I try to hide my dislike of tri-bikes around her but am not too successful at that.  We left from home and headed up to Country Homes Drive to ride north on Wall St and thought we'd find our way to the Children of The Sun Trail. Looking for something flat.

Then Debbie said let's ride by the fish hatchery. Sure ok, so we headed up Waikiki Rd.  Then, well we can take Rutter Pkwy and then return on Indian Trail Rd. Ok.  I haven't been out on Rutter for awhile and forgot about the hills.  As Debbie said, it turned out to be more of a Father's Day ride since I have a knack for finding hills to ride up.

Took a little excursion while D went up ahead

It turned out to be a nice scenic ride. Stopped at JB's Food & Bottleworks on Alberta on the way back where I was startled to find a 6-pack of Blown Out Brown and 2 bottles of cider cost me 30 bucks.

hmmm, helmet liner looks a little ratty.

Now for the foto dump:

only one vehicle in the bike line across from North
Central High this day 
at TJ Meenach/NW Blvd, I often observe drivers on their
phones. Haven't got a decent pic yet.

in Seattle - Honda makes bikes

dog/bike combo bike rack
One of the things I like about Seattle - it's fairly easy to get
from one neighborhood to another  by bike

urban dog park 

the space pods have landed!

bike to work week breakfast

blue Redline/white Vaya at the Kendall Yards Wed. Night
Perry Street Market - my, ahem, favorite style bike rack
at the Shop

somedays it's just too hot for a helmet on the Centennial
and don't forget your snake gaiters
out of sequence Seattle pic from Kerry Park Viewpoint -
part of a mega-walking tour of Queen Anne

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