Sunday, May 3, 2015

Just Another Bike Rack post - No-Li Brewhouse

I get a little obsessive, so sorry but it's another bike rack post. Don't worry, I think soon I'll be turning my attention to Trail 25, Belsby and Hole-In-the-Ground Roads, JWPT, different routes to work.  But I keep coming across bike racks I can't figure out. 

I met Debbie and some of her work friends at No-Li Brewhouse after work on Friday.  There's nowhere good to lock up out front, but there is this rack out back outside the outside seating area.  I was pretty sure it's a bike rack, and one of those where you're supposed to put a tire in the railings to hold the bike upright.  Yeah, my favorite.

Except if you lock up on the front side this way, your bike will stick out into the path. There's a drop-off on the other side, so that's not a good option either.  Of course, I just had a U-Lock with me, and also of course, I hadn't thought to bring a cable to use with it.  (Which if I did bring a cable I wouldn't have felt very safe anyway).  I didn't want to park it lengthwise and take the whole rack in case any other bicyclists arrived cuz I'm so considerate, so I u-locked it to the corner.
I was a little nervous inside because I couldn't see the bike and it was in a little used outside seating area.  I checked on it a few times and it was ok.  


After No-Li we ended up a Jack and Dan's where I locked the bike to a post on Sharp Ave.  I was really nervous. Like Barney Fife nervous.  We had driven there in our bike-rack equipped truck, but I didn't feel like trusting the thin cable lock on the rack.

Lots of people out and about, and couldn't see the bike from inside.  Eventually I checked with the waitress if I could bring the bike inside, and she said there was a closet in back they let people use.  It was a supply closet, but hey worked for me. Good people there.

a quick blurry pic because I was self-conscious about taking a pic of my
bike while people were watching. what. he's posting this on facebook?
Well, one of the guys there did asked me what you don't have a bike lock?, and I said well I do, but…. and left it at that.  I don't recommend bar hopping with a nice bike, it's difficult to party down when all you're thinking about is, is my bike still out there?

This should be the last post about bike parking, but I can't promise anything.


  1. Spokane is a miserable town for functional and secure bike racks. Lots of "wheel benders" (ala No-Li) and out-of-the-way locations (just about everywhere). I almost never use my bike for "transportation" because don't feel that it will be safe.

  2. Yeah I'm surprised at how many bad racks are out there. I know the bike getting stolen is a real possibility when out shopping or running errands, but I don't let that stop me or worry about it too much. I should make more of an effort to head out with a beater bike, but that takes too much planning ahead for me.