Monday, March 16, 2015

here and there last 4-5 months photo dump

Outside the Portland REI, a Bridgestone something or other caught my eye:

The boys in Eugene, waiting for their mom running a half-marathon:

Some Portland on-street bike parking:

A Surly parked in an odd spot downtown Spokane Parkade:

A Salsa parked in an odd spot:

An odd shot taken while driving of a guy riding Second Ave, Spokane

He's making jewelry now:

A bike friend in City Hall, 2nd Floor middle window

I have perfected the art of sliding down an icy hill in a semi-controlled slide:
I learnt pretty quickly DON'T USE THE FRONT BRAKE! 
Really bad at taking selfies. A shot taken on a Knickers Friday (my workplace allows jeans on Fridays. Capris are allowed year round. Combine the two - Knickers Friday. or Manpris Friday)

I keep meaning to write to Deaconess - I know not many people use the bike racks at your Medical Center office buildings, but these are the worst style of bike rack, an upgrade would be appreciated:

I really hate close-to-the-corner parkers:

Valentine's Day - the folks at Boehm's are always willing to box up some flowers for me:

Presidents Day -  even us liberal socialistic bike riders can be patriotic:

Spray cans don't come with auto correct or spell check:

a new to me trail off Pettet Dr that branches off in a few spots, links with trail off Nettleton to NW Blvd, and also bottom of Pettet/TJ Meenach. I think of it as Hank's trail as he's the one who pointed it out

ready to roll out to Quilomene:


  1. Thanks, Pat - it was a quick and easy post. Forgot to mention the guy on second was riding down the middle lane no hands on bars and real happy