Sunday, February 22, 2015

Fargoing about

I haven't been out biking on the weekends much lately, but managed to get a quick ride in this weekend in between other goings on.  My Fargo has been hanging up in the garage for a couple months now, and decided to take it at the last minute.  I figured the sealant in the tubeless tires was all dry now, but didn't want to take the time to put in fresh goop.  So I gambled and just aired up the tires.  Headed off without a garmin or lights on the bike.

I had a vague idea of going up Houston Rd and wasn't sure after that. I didn't feel like riding either Gov't Way or the Centennial Trail so instead I veered off onto Trail 100 at the TJ Meenach Bridge and followed it.  I had an option below the Military Cemetery of climbing up and connecting with Houston Rd, but instead I stayed on 100 until it ran into Trail 25 (of course).  Then to the Bowl and Pitcher and back home via the Merkel Trail.  There's a little meandering single track trail behind the baseball and soccer fields I like to take, then continued on a trail between the Joe Albi parking area and the cemetery to get to Wellesley Ave.  Turned out to be a good loop.

Returned with all the air in my tires.  I really like the Fargo setup tubeless - smooths out the trails a bit.

A few pics.  A ride in Northwest Spokane just isn't complete without going by the wastewater treatment plant.

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