Friday, February 27, 2015

Downtown Library 3rd Floor (not so) View Windows

Ok this has nothing to do with bikes, guitars or mandos, except the library does have bike parking in the garage.

Our downtown Spokane Library has huge view windows on the second and third floors that overlook the Spokane River and Monroe Street Bridge and offer a great panoramic view of north Spokane.

Or they used to.

What did they do?  They (whoever they are) moved 6 foot tall magazine racks in front of the windows, cutting off the nice clean wide angle view the windows used to offer.

I like to head over here sometimes on my lunch hour if I need a relaxing getaway, so I was shocked when I stopped by earlier this week and saw the tall racks in front of the window.  In this semi-circular area there used to be only low desks that didn't block the view.  The magazines were in a couple rows of 4 foot or so tall magazine racks in front of the desks.  I could sit down at one of the desks, look out over the falls, flip through the Business Journal (I like to keep up with goings on) and surreptitiously eat my lunch.

I think in an effort to make more room for tables with computers, the powers that be at the library took out the shorter racks and moved the magazines to these tall racks in front of the windows.  They achieved there purpose, but they also succeeded in obstructing the view, and blocking off some of the light coming in through the windows.

This just seems like a bad idea.


  1. Not a comment on the library post but a question about using one of your photos of the JWPT, the view from the bridge. For interpretive signs on the Palouse Scenic byway...let me know, thanks! Melissa, rdesign at

  2. Hi Melissa - yes you can use the pic, thanks. I sent you an email, let me know if you don't receive it.