Sunday, September 21, 2014

Passing other bikecyclists

I don't ride real fast to and from work, but I like to keep a good pace. I'm definitely not part of the slow bike movement. I bike fast enough to catch up to another biker every once in awhile on my commute, and I hesitate to pass them.  I feel kind of bad zipping by.  Maybe I've got a faster bike, maybe I'm in better shape and I don't want to show them up.  So instead I'll usually slow down for a bit, then turn off on a side street and take an alternate route.

It's the bikers in regular clothes that I don't like to pass - if they look like they're on a training ride, I'll zip on by without any qualms and give a small wave or 'morning'.

It's funny, but once in awhile I get passed by someone from out of nowhere, and I don't like it. I'm tempted to keep up with them and engage in some CAT 6 racing.  Or if I notice someone behind me, I'll kick it up another notch in an effort to not get passed.

The guy in the picture above - I slowed down and debated about passing, or turning off, or maybe even being sociable (me?) and make a little small talk.  Eventually, I turned off at the next intersection.  It seemed rude to pass going uphill.

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