Sunday, September 7, 2014

i never have the gopro on when i need it

Last week my wife's running group went to Antoine Peak and I tagged along with my Fargo.  Bike-wandering around, I noticed a stump alongside the trail a couple yards ahead.  I got closer and saw the stump had hair.  Thick, brown fur.  Then the stump started to move and I go yikes!  First thought was a bear, but the stump metamorphosed into a huge moose lying down alongside the trail.  I mean it was big!

I hit the brakes and it got up and trotted off around the corner.  I cautiously went forward and got a shaky one-armed phone pic:

He looked at me, and I finally decided maybe I should just  turn around. Which I did until I stopped to check out the pic and saw it was blurry. I then creeped back to the spot hoping to get a better pic, but the big guy was gone. Wished I'd taken the time to mount the gopro on the bike before leaving home.

There have been other times when it would've been nice to have the gopro:

Like the time out on Mission or Greenwood Rd and two huge marmaduke dogs running at an angle ahead of me, trying to cut me off - barely made it past them. Yep, no gopro on.

Or the time riding down Pettet Dr and a shaggy creature with a bobbed tail crossed the street. Thought it was a dog until it jumped up on the guard rail post in an un-doglike fashion, more like a cat. Still not sure what it was, but bobcat is my best guess. Maybe I'd know if I had the gopro on.

Or when riding home on Howard St, and and two guys in an old pickup at the cross street ahead of me blasted through a stop sign going 40-50mph. 

Sometimes I think I should always the gopro on for evidence, especially in the case of a traffic accident, but also for those crazy crashes where you wonder just what the heck happened.  I don't like having it on the handlebars or helmet all the time. There are cases like these that are encouraging me to find a good out of the way spot on the bike to keep a gopro mounted all the time.

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