Friday, April 18, 2014

18/30 days of Biking it

so you might be aware of the worldwide 30 days of biking thing going on for the month of April. Look out, here comes a photo dump!

18 now 20 (I added couple 4/19) pics over 18 days, multiple pics from some days because I didn't take a pic every day, you'll have to trust me I haven't missed a day yet.

in no particular order, but I'll start with April 1, same day as the Ben Burr Trail ride:
April 1. 4th Ave Bike lane
the Merkel Trail 

bike to brunch 
I usually ride in the street here and skip the 2-way bike lane 

36 degrees out and refusing to wear a
jacket because it's spring dammit. 
coffee stop at Atticus to try to make up for all those times
I go to Starbucks because it's closer
found this sign after I locked my bike to a hand rail

I started a post about the no biking skateboarding sign,
then decided to let it go. (edit: add pic below)

at the doc's. for yet another post, this one re bike rack
 designers who haven't heard of the sheldon brown locking
 method (see also other rack pics above) 
attached a gopro to the rear rack. wasn't sure if I really
wanted to see what was behind me on my commute

looky there! 

went in for soup fixin's, came out with half the store 
potluck day - 
nice shadow

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  1. Good for you keeping the commitment. I like the photos that show the citry. It's nice to see where others live and ride.