Friday, November 16, 2012

there will be no random cyclocross thoughts this week

well i had some, but they were random and fleeting and soon forgotten.  This year's Apple Cross at Walter's Orchard/Fruit Ranch was fun and frosty, and I came in 3rd from last which might be an improvement from last year.  I am getting to be a better rider, it's just hard to tell to the untrained eye.  Debbie came out with me and cheered me on.  I think it's a little tough for her to watch me race - she was there when my shoulder hit the frozen dirt at the Coeur d'Alene finals in 2010. Speaking of, there were a couple spots where I was a bit nervous because the terrain and the conditions reminded me of the corner I bit it on at that race.  But I survived, didn't crash, and managed to stay ahead of the guy in a red shirt who was threatening to catch up with me most of the race.  I think he's a faster racer than me in dry conditions as he beat me at Riverside, but I've got the edge in the wet, mud and snow.

Got home and hosed down the bike in the front yard as the back yard hose was filled with frozen water.  One more Sunday race and I can put the hoses away for the winter. I should wait as I think there's some more dirt riding in my future.  Who am I kidding, I'm getting lazy and the hoses will probably stay out all winter.  I should at least try to remember to turn the outside water off before it gets real cold.  Guess I was wrong, and this is Random Cyclocross Thoughts #4 2012 late edition.

Oh almost forgot, have 2 new possible recruits for next year - friend Trevor and his wife came out to watch and he got the bug. I sold my 19" screamin' deal Marin Muirwoods to him earlier this year (which was a mistake for me as my 17" is too small for me, but he got a great, needed bike).  My first few cross races were on my Marin Muirwoods (the 17" version) but I think we'll have to fit him up with a proper cross or mountain bike rig.   Also a guy from work, a bike commuter, drove out and caught the first race.  He's thinking about racing his mountain bike next year.

And then there's me, ol' wishy washy Charlie Brown, wondering if I will do 'cross next year.  I'm sure I will, it's just that September, October and November are prime trail riding season.  I'll just have to find a balance.

Unrelated note - the Dirty Kanza 200 has a 100 mile half-pint option next year.  I've discovered gravel roads this year, so.....

We came home with pumpkin and apple pies. Topped off with a hot buttered rum that evening, it was a great day.

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